Spicy Fish

I’ve been to Spicy Fish quite a few times before but I generally order the same Ma Po Tofu which is is a spicy Szechuan dish made with marinated pork, mashed black beans and bean curd. It is a great dish and the best I’ve had at any restaurant – I get mine without pork though. I recommend getting it with rice and a side of cucumber.

But when I went with a friend last week we both decided it was time we tried something new. It was a very late lunch, it had been pooring with rain and was freezing outside so we were up for a big hot meal. We started with a ‘Lobster San Choy Bao’ each which was surprisingly really tasty. We also ordered a ‘Scallop & Eggplant Hot Pot’ which was great. It had a kind of sweet slightly thicken Szechuan chilli sauce and both the scallops and the eggplant were well cooked. When we were about half way through eating the claypot the waiter brought out our ‘Fried Soft Shell Prawns with Hot Szechuan Chilli’. It looked very impressive. It had about 30 little chillies surrounding the prawns and although the batter was a little heavy it was still very good. If you avoid eating the whole chillies the heat from the dish is a pleasant. We ate so fast and there was so much food that we couldn’t finish and ended up leaving a lot.


Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of all the dishes. For now you’ll just have to trust me. And anyway ugly looking food can be delicious too.

All up with drinks I think it was about $35 each but they have huge menu and you can get a good meal for around $10.

Spicy Fish is located near the beginning of Chinatown (Swanston Street), looks very bright and clean for a Chinese restaurant and has plastic food in the front window.

219 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

03 9639 1885

Sunday-Thursday 11:30am-11:00pm

Friday-Saturday 11:30am-2:00am

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One response to “Spicy Fish

  1. what’s with eating pork?? i heard a rumour that the author of this blog was a vegan….

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