I was only in Thailand for a week, spending half of my time in Bangkok and the other half in Chiang Mai. I didn’t like Bangkok much, it was hot and dirty and there wasn’t much to do in the city. I’m not sure if we just had bad luck with the places we chose to eat but I only had a couple of good meals and I think this is what put me in such a bad mood and probably affected my overall perception of Bangkok.

The first good dish I had was this ‘Prawn & Tofu Rice Noodle Soup’ at the Floating Markets. You choose what meat you want and they put it with bean sprouts, coriander and your choice of noodles into a big sieve and let it cook for a minute in a huge pot of spicy salty broth. It was probably $1 or something. The crunchy ‘Thai-Style Coconut Crepes’ were also delicious with grated carrot on top. The best meal I had was at this place in the city, I think I ordered well though. It was very simple, ‘Fried Turnip Cakes & Prawns’, the cakes were cut up with bean sprouts, spring onions and a nice sauce. The ‘Turnip Cakes’ we bought off a street vendor just before we left Bangkok were also very good. They were fried and super crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside each with a different filling. There was three fillings, all good, but I can only remember the spinach and taro. As you should in Melbourne and probably anywhere in the world, don’t let the amazing smell of roasting chestnuts temp you.. they are completely tasteless but came in a very cute bag.

Prawn & Tofu Rice Noodle Soup


Thai-Style Coconut Crepe

Fried Turnip Cakes & Prawns

Roasted Chesnuts

Turnip Cakes

I spend all of my time in Chiang Mai in the Hill Tribes. My favourite dish was the one I had on the first night, it was a very light ‘Thai Eggplant Curry with Pumpkin’. The ‘Pad Thai’ we had for lunch on the last day was also nice. On the first day for lunch, just before we started the trek, my friend and I ate about 3 whole bowls of ‘Fried Rice’ each. It was good but once we started walking we both regretted eating any of it.


 Hill Tribes in Chiang Mai

Thai Eggplant Curry with Pumpkin

Pad Thai

Plastic Food & Expensive Sorbet at Bangkok Airport

I think for breakfast, unless you are staying at a really nice hotel (and even this is no guarantee), get something savory, a Thai breakfast or skip it. The western breakfasts are terrible, wonder white toast, sickly sweet strawberry jam, rubbery scrambled eggs, funny looking bits of ham/bacon and pieces of cucumber and tomato. I stopped eating breakfast until I got to Vietnam which wasn’t much better.

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