Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape. 

Mochitsuki is the traditional mochi-pounding ceremony in Japan.

  1. Polished glutinous rice is soaked overnight and cooked.
  2. The cooked rice is pounded with wooden mallets (kine) in a traditional mortar (usu). Two people will alternate the work, one pounding and the other turning and wetting the mochi. They must keep a steady rhythm or they may accidentally injure one another with the heavy kine.
  3. The sticky mass is then formed into various shapes (usually a sphere or cube).
    I’ve only ever eaten sweet mochi usually filled with a red or white bean paste and they’re delicious. I once had it fried fried for dessert at Yamato (223 Exhibition Street Melbourne). I haven’t seen it on any menus as part of a savoury dish but I reckon I would love it – the texture is amazing. Guess I’ll just have to wait until I go to Japan.
If memory serves me right…. tails, heads and then tails again.

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