Dainty Sichuan

My friend and I arrived at Dainty Sichuan at around 7 o’ clock last night. He is travelling through India for a couple of months at the end of the year and is currently in training to increase his chilli tolerance. It was super busy but we managed to get a table for two with a wait of only 10 minutes. The waiter brought us three menus, one of which was full of big shiny pictures – we ordered of this one. We got a Tsingtao beer which by the end of our meal was deliciously sweet, and look over the huge menu. There were so many dishes I wanted to try but due to the serving sizes I knew, that unfortunately, I just wouldn’t be able to fit it all in. We eventually decided on the ‘Tofu & Chilli Greens’ and the ‘Spicy Fish & Pickle Hot Pot’.

The ‘Spicy Fish & Pickle Hot Pot’ had long pieces of thinly sliced fish, bean sprouts, picked cabbage and whole Sichuan pepper corns swimming in red chilli oil. This dish was amazing, hot and full of flavour, but not so spicy that it spoils your meal. The pepper corns if bitten into have a strange raw heat that makes your mouth tingle and feel a bit numb. The ‘Tofu & Chilli Greens’ had slices of fried tofu and chopped dried chillies mixed through tasty greens.

I think the hot pot had a 1 chilli rating so it is possible if you don’t like too much chilli to get a meal and enjoy it here.

Dainty Sichuan is my new favourite Chinese restaurant and I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other appetising dishes I saw on other people’s tables. 

Tofu & Chilli Greens

Spicy Fish & Pickle Hot Pot

I’ve been to Dainty Sichuan twice since I this post and here are the delicious dishes we ordered. I am going to stick to a 1 chilli rating from now on, we tried the ‘Chilli Baby Squid’ which was a 2 and really struggled.

Cumin Chilli Spare Ribs

Chilli Baby Squid

Ma Po Tofu

26 Corrs Lane, Melbourne

03 9663 8861

Monday-Friday 12:30pm-9:30pm

Saturday-Sunday 2:00pm-9:30pm 

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