Shoya has six split levels and offers Japanese style BBQ, traditional Horigotatsu seating, fine dining tables and a sushi bar. Shoya has even been recommended by Iron Chef Kandagawa, saying “Out of the Japanese restaurants all over the world I visited, Shoya is amazingly authentic and makes me feel like being at home. It’s no inferior to any of those competitive restaurants even if Shoya stands among the quality restaurants in central Tokyo”.

To start we had ‘Sashimi & Sushi Moriwase’. It included Sashimi of Petit Uni (Sea Urchin), Petit Awabi (Abalone), Maguro (Tuna), Toro (Marbled Tuna) Salmon, Salmon Toro (Belly of Salmon), Hamachi (King Fish), Scampi, Scallop and Lobster. And Sushi of Maguro (Tuna), Toro (Marbled Tuna), Scampi, Salmon, Salmon Toro (Belly of Salmon), white fish of the day, Hamachi (King Fish), Tako (Octopus), Uni (Sea Urchin), Ikura (Salmon Roe) and Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe). This was fantastic – a real treat. Each piece was had its own natural unique taste.

We also had ‘Agedashi Yasai Tofu’ which is one of my favourite tofu dishes. It is simply a piece of deep fried tofu sitting in a bowl of light soy sauce topped with raddish and spring onions. The ‘Scampi Harumaki’ is whole scampi rolled up with thin spring roll skin and deep-fried. ‘Nama Shii Hotate’, fired mashed scallops surrounding a quail egg topped with a whole shiitake mushroom, is Shoya’s signature. When my friend, skeptical of quail eggs, tried this he exclaimed that he was “never eating anything but quail eggs ever again”. The ‘Tofu Steak’ is simple but good, a hearty vegetarian dish with bean curd steaks topped with Japanese mushrooms and special gravy. I always get ‘Agenasu Dengaku’ when I come to Shoya, it is so rich and delicious. It’s fried and grilled eggplant with prawns and shiitake and enoki mushrooms topped with fresh sea urchin miso paste. The ‘Maguro Steak’ is a tuna fillet steak sprinkled with thinly sliced seaweed with speacial home made sauce. The ‘Yaki Daifuku’, a pan fried Japanese dumpling filled with red beans wrapped with thin and sweet flour skin is delightful. 

Just look at the photos – everything looked and tasted amazing. I prefer to dine in the Horigotatsu traditional seating unless you are getting Japanese style BBQ because it is very quiet and private. And a warning, don’t use the price to predict the size of the dish, some dishes may be smaller than expected. 

Sashimi Moriwase 

Sushi Moriwase 

Agedashi Yasai Tofu

 Maguro Steak

  Agenasu Dengaku

Agenasu Dengaku

 Scampi Harumaki

Tofu Steak

25 Market Lane, Melbourne

9650 0950

Monday-Saturday 12:00pm-2:30pm

Sunday-Thursday 6:00pm-10:30pm

Friday-Saturday 6:00pm-11:00pm

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  2. the sushi melts in your mouth yumm!

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