Longrain is consistently great. The food is amazing, the staff are attentive and friendly, the building is beautiful and the decor simple and warm.

I’ve been going to Longrain since I was about 11 when it first opened in Sydney. I enjoy it just as much now as I did back then only now I can drink the fantastic cocktails. My favourite is the ‘Gin Sin’ which is a stick drink mixing gin, lychee liqueur, fresh lychees, ginger, kaffir lime and ginger beer. I also like the ‘Red Dragon’, perfect for any chilli lover, a mix of chilli vodka, peach liqueur, fresh raspberries and cranberry juice. I love the freshness of the flavours in the drinks at Longrain and the textures of the pieces of fruit – the martinis and the strained drinks are also good though.

My first memories of Longrain are of me eating and loving anything put on the table and my sister, who has always been a fussy with food, eating her embarrassing “special” order of plain grilled chicken and thinly sliced cucumber. Two dishes I am still ordering 9 years later are the tofu and the tapioca.

The ‘Betel Leaves’ are unlike any other food. They spicy and when topped with ‘Smoked Trout Chilli Garlic Galangal & Trout Roe’ or ‘Prawn Peanuts Roasted Coconut & Ginger’ they are the perfect flavour explosive starter to your meal.


The ‘Kingfish Fillet wrapped in Banana Leaf’ is cooked with curry paste but is mildly infused with flavours of banana leaf, it comes with pea eggplants and is topped with crunchy fried thai basil. The ‘Steamed Snapper’ special was perfectly cooked and wonderfully simple and delicious. The ‘Salt & Pepper Tofu’ with stir fried chinese broccoli comes in a light oyster sauce and is the best tofu I have ever had – a crunchy skin like coating and a soft silken inside.



Almost all of the stuff on the menu is really good but I also recommend the: Freshly shucked oyster with Red Chilli Lime Juice & Deep Fried Eschalots; Crisp Skin Barossa Chicken with a Spiced Plum Sauce; Soft Shell Crab; Caramelised Pork Hock with Five Spice & Chilli Vinegar; Eggnet Filled with Pork Prawns Peanuts & Sweet Vinegar; Salt & Pepper Squid with Sweet Soy & Ginger.

And don’t be foolish like I was a few nights ago and forget to leave a lot of room for dessert. They are all great but I highly recommend you get the tapioca or if you are with a few other people/you just want to be a guts like me definitely get the sample plate. They sometimes have a new dessert or sorbet but Coconut caramel custard, Coconut Tapioca, Banana Fritters, Black Sticky Rice and Coconut & Durian Pancakes are usually on offer.

Prawn Betel Leaves

Smoked Trout Betel Leaves

Kingfish Fillet wrapped in Banana Leaf

Steamed Snapper

Salt & Pepper Tofu

44 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

03 9671 3151

Tuesday-Friday 12:00pm-2:30pm

Monday-Saturday 6:00pm-11:00pm

Sunday 6:00pm-9:30pm


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