Bread & Butter Pudding

This is such a delicious easy cheap winter dessert. I ate all of this myself – I love it. There are many variation on bread and butter pudding and you can’t really go wrong as long as the pieces of bread are completely soaked in custard – slice them thinly and day old bread is better. I wouldn’t use ‘wonder white’ sliced bread. A lot of recipes I’ve read suggest removing the crust but I think its better to keep them on, it just add a bit more texture. You can also use croissant or brioche. Don’t make the custard too thick as it won’t soak into the bread properly and it will thicken in the oven. I usually let the soaked bread sit for a while before I put it in the oven to let the bread absorb as much custard and possible and then top it up with extra custard before baking it. I just like mine with sultanas sprinkled between the layers of bread, but you can use chocolate or other fruit. After it has baked for about 20 minutes I take it out of the oven and brush it with heated marmalade or apricot jam and dust with icing sugar. Amazing!

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