Lunch at Yaya’s

My Yaya is a great cook and my mum (her daughter in law) learnt a lot about cooking and food from her. This was a very small lunch as there were only 4 of us. It appeared that my Yaya had calmed down a bit with trying to feed us copious amounts of food in her old age until she brought out two massive containers of musnik for us to take home as we were leaving. All the food is very simple but good. The baked rice used to have more vegetables in it but I think the grandchildren liked it better plain and it never changed back. I really like it, people rarely bake rice but its a great way to make it because you just put it in the oven and leave it and it works every time. I really like that it goes a little crispy on top. The general rule is 2 cups of rice to 5 cups of stock.

Muznik is my Yaya’s specialty, nobody makes it as good as her. It is similiar to spanakopita except she rolls the pastry and coils it in a round pan. There are only a few ingredients and the concept is basic but the process is extremely involved. She makes her own filo pastry which these days is almost unheard of. It would have to be the hardest pastry to make because of the thinness of it. I am planning to go and start learning the process and technique soon. She will hide a gold coin in the muznik made around new years. It is generally filled with feta but she also makes pumpkin and spinach ones. Unfortunately she had already cut it up before we got there so I couldn’t get a photo of it in the tin. She also makes a great bean soup which is eaten when they are fasting (which seems to be all the time) and I really liked her chicken noodle soup as a child.





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