I will get around to writing about the actually cities but I have to get some things off my chest and it would be great if someone replied in agreeance. The reason I have time to do these posts is because after going to sleep at 12 and very quietly I might add, I have been disturbed numerous times. First just as I was drifting off and other people were already asleep, two girls stormed into the room turned the main lights on and proceeded to shuffle through their luggage and talk REALLY loudly, like not just loudly for a room full of sleeping people but in general. They did this for several minutes and at one point the girl stood on my mattress so she could rustle through her shit on the top bunk. THEN at 3:30 one of the girls went to bed and I woke up so she obviously wasn’t that quiet and again at 5:00 the other girl was rustling and in and out of the room for about half an hour before she went to bed. As I had been awake for half an hour I decided to get up and that is why I have been on the computer for 2 and a half hours and it’s too dark and cold to go anywhere yet so I guess I’ve got another hour to kill.

This morning there was a guy a sleep on a couch and one past out with beer cans surround him on the dining table. I know that anywhere you travel you’re going to meet dickheads but I thought Europe would have to be far better than somewhere like Thailand and I assumed Sweden would have less than other places in Europe, I’m probably in for a big shock when I get to Paris, and I don’t mean the filth and the bed bugs.

The ‘issues’ I referred to in my previous post are the above and how these people eat there dinner here and then sit around until 12 before they go out or not go out at all but rather sit in the hostel getting drunk. I have no problems with going out and if I met some people I liked or had friends here I be going to bars too but it’s as if these people after waking up at 11 and seeing some sites for a few hours come back here at around 4 when it gets dark and then just start drinking so they can go to some dirty nightclub or lame pub. A guy got arrested for having a brawl the other night, now this guy either started the fight or he was fighting with another backpacker, there is no way a Swedish guy started this fight. There is hardly any crime here and I’ve seen only 2 homeless people this whole time.

These people and anyone who utters the words ‘who wants to get shitfaced tonight’ or similar are scum and don’t deserve to be able to travel in such a beautiful country like Sweden where everyone is super friendly and super cool and really chilled out.

The hostel is actually quite nice except everyone here is either a nerd or jockey wanker. At first I thought I preferred the nerds here until I realised how fucking rude they are.. Am I being to harsh?





This lobster mayonaise toast with roe was actually really nice. It didn’t have that silly sweet mayonaise taste.


This is crumbled herring with beetroot butter – delicious.


Some of the milk here tastes different, this milk did.



It was flaming when the waiter brought it to the table. It’s was cinnamon apples with this really good vanilla ice cream.




Delicious pieces of a hairy little fish called herring from Nystekt Stromming. There were various sized meals you could order, I got the largest which was $12. It came with red onion, mashed potatoes, sweet pickled cucumber and a horseradish coleslaw which I didn’t really like but the rest was great. I’m not a huge fan of the crisp bread they serve with a lot of things over here. 


It keeps happening to me, I get all excited about a place to eat, make the trek across the city to get there and it’s either closed or no where to be found. Yesterday after I’d been to the rather dreary Skansen (I dont know, maybe it was just the grey weather) I went to the Musikmuseet which was pretty fun and I know that as a child I would have loved it. Then I was supposed to go to this nice food hall that sold traditional foods such as fish soups, soured fermented baltic herring, reindeer hearts etc… but when I got there it was closed. Then I wondered around but couldn’t find anywhere I thought was worthy of eating at so I went to the National Museum and the Modernamuseet.

For dinner I was supposed to go to Pelikan which is on the other side of Södermalm. I caught the train because it was really cold and windy and then walked for about 15 minutes to the street. When I got there I couldn’t find it, I was really annoyed because I was totally out of the way. I decided to walk to Götgatan and when I got there I stupidly turned the wrong way. When I realised this I tried to get a bus but none were coming so I jumped in a cab out of desperation – the chill of the wind was actually making my body sore. I told him to take me to the place I’d been the night before, Kvarnen. It was a 10 minute cab ride and it cost me 240kr which is like $45, I just payed and didn’t even think about until I go out of the cab and it clicked how much it actually was. Arrgggg!!!!! Anyways, Kvarnen was fucking closed so I went to a créperie and just had dessert which was really nice. Then I got the train home and was again woken up several times in the night by slamming doors.

It’s extremely laid back here, a lot of shops are closed on Sundays and Mondays and most shops and museums don’t open until 10, 11, 12. That’s great if you’re the person working but as a tourist it’s really annoying, especially when I only have 3 days here.

I have walked so much since I’ve been in Sweden, I’ve actually lost weight. It’s been good, I’ve seen so much of Göteborg and Stockholm and I’m getting much better at reading maps – I was getting so lost at the start. But getting lost is sometimes a good thing, I found a lot of cool places that way.




I feel a bit silly wearing my béret but its so cold I actually do have to. The reason I took and included this photo is because I have so many photos of buildings and parks but no proof that I actually am in Sweden. It’s going to be cold in Paris, can I wear my béret there or is that not cool?





This is a cool record store in Södermalm, and just down the road is the Pet Sounds Bar.



This photo was taken at 4:30 in the afternoon… It’s so strange, you get tired so early.







Peter Bjorn And John – School Of Kraut (zSHARE)

Peter Bjorn And John – All Those Expectations (zSHARE)

Peter Bjorn And John – Amsterdam (zSHARE)

Lo-Fi-Fnk – City (The Teenagers Remix) (zSHARE)

The Radio Dept. – I Wanted You To Feel The Same (zSHARE)

Cocoanut Groove – Midsummer’s Dream (Mainmix2) (zSHARE)

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7 responses to “Stockholm

  1. Too true. I hadn’t imagined there would be as many dickheads either, but there you go. and here’s another thing!: It’s ranting about foor, but otherwise massively unrelated. . OK so back here in melbourne if you participate in Movember (gorw a moustache to raise funds for prostate cancer) and get over $50 worth of sponsorships, you get free grill’d for 2 and a half weeks (one burger per day) you just go in and show a card and they give you a free burger. Now even if you sponser yourself $50 that is a good deal, paid off in less than 5 tasty burgers. As a female I am ineligible to become one of Grill’ds “Mo’ Bros'”. But as far as i’m concerned I should be able to sponsor someone $50 and get the exact same privilidge card. whoever heard of sexist fundraising?! I’m going to get grill’d for dinner tonight, so I think I might just take this issue up with the manager. there must be a loophole somewhere! hmm. rant rant rant.

  2. oh and what is that picture second from the bottom? the blue room

  3. nothing exciting at all, there in the park near where I’m staying, I thought they looked cool so I took the photo. On closer inspection they turned out to be stairwells into an underground car park, I think.

  4. maybe its reindeer milk…

  5. You look like your having fun all the meals look so good, i hope there are not anymore loud annoying women and dirty drunk men anywhere you go to next!

    Mum- Hi babe I’m so envious, all the photographs you’ve put up look fantastic and so does the food, I cant believe you paid $45 for a taxi but you can put that down to experience, and you absolutely are right about getting lost because you do find the absolute amazing places. Sweden does look absolutely beautiful and you look cool wearing that béret, I think you’re in London right now, cant wait to hear about what you’ve got to say about Paris.
    p.s did you speak any Swedish while you were there?
    Keep having a great time looking forward to hearing about your next blog.
    love mum (me)

  6. hey dude,
    thanks for the name of the hostel i think i will try and get into it, looks awesome! by the way i was looking through the blog. all the food looks AMAZING! take care, keep in touch, have a safe trip and steer clear of milk called ‘Pucko’

  7. hi babe,you must go back to London ,you have travelled extensively far you might as well see a bit more of the old country,know what i mean.[cockney]i know you love my sense of humor.the dedication to mary poppins you would have thought the birds would have been waiting there for you wiyh open wings.You will have time to explore the beautiful Paris,try not to spend too much,have a ball.Miss you and love you Mum[me]xxx’

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