I enjoyed Rome much more than Florence and Venice, there is just a lot more going on and the tourists are a little, just a little bit, more spread out or concentrated in main areas. There were a few nice streets that I found, this area below had a few cool clothing stores and the great place I had lunch. I met some really nice girls from Brazil and I spent my last day with them. It´s really annoying that all the cool people I met and could genuinely be friends with I meet on there´s or my last day.

I was sick and there was torrential rain so I decided to see a movie. I went to the largest, village, cinema only to discovered it didn’t open until 4pm!! Insanity.

Will be seeing Em and Georgia on Sunday and I am really happy to be leaving Italy. It will be nice to get a little costumer service and things done quicker than at a snails pace. Get your shit together Italy, fuck. And why do Italian men think it´s okay to call you baby or alike?



Mia Market


They have mini chopping boards and knives that you can take to your table and make your own sandwich with the meat and cheese you buy.



Orange Cupcake


This Lentil & Potato Soup was very nice. It came in that jar and it was hot.


Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella Bread


Apple Syrup Cakes

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