Wow, Austria is so beautiful. I took a sleeper train last night from Rome to Innsbruck (above), I had a bed which was good and slept quite well. I woke up at about 5 or 6 this morning and the train had stopped, I freaked out and thought I´d missed my stop but the train was running and hour and a half late. So I was lying in my bunk half a sleep when this girl who was sharing the cabin through a snow ball at our window. I lept up to look out the window and sure enough the tracks were covered with snow. Ah, the smile on my face, I swear, I was like a little kid, so excited. Anyways, shortly after we got moving again we had to get off in Innsbruck before getting another train to Salzburg.

I really enjoyed the train ride to Salzburg, after having to move twice for other people with reserved seats (the late train) I walked to the end of the train and sat in the spatious and fairly deserted first class carriage. All I did for the next hour and a half was look out the window at the mountains, the snow and the blue sky, so pretty.


I haven´t done anything today except watch The Sound Of Music at the hostel in preparation for the tour. I read that most Austrians haven´t seen the movie which I can´t tell if I should be surprised by or not. I am get to try any Mozart balls, strudel or kasnocken. Haribo lollies are from Austria and they are good.



Christmas Market


Hauswurst with Kraut



Baked Potato with Gorgonzola & Garlic Cream


Deep Fried Apple Rings


Fried Dough with Plum Jam & Cream






The Sound Of Music – I Have Confidence

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2 responses to “Salzburg

  1. hey dude,
    Austria is amazing, though i didn’t get to Salzburg so i’m going to have to live through you. i’ve been keeping an eye on your travels too. i’m always in awe of the food you get, i never get to eat that good! jealous!
    you have a good Christmas too. take care.

  2. Lili and family

    Hi Eleni everything looks so pretty,cannot say i miss the snow though.Hauswurst [that big sausage]with kraut looks inviting,You may never watch the sound of music again. Enjoy yourself,love you Mum[me]PS booked restaurant.x

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